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`Cain's Chain

Cain’s Chain
This is the second piece in my Japanese inspired series.

One-day class
Level: Strong Intermediate- Advanced
with proficiency in tubular Peyote

Cain’s Chain is a traditional style necklace that is dressy, elegant and high on technique. The 14mm beaded ‘pearl’ balls are strong, hollow and self-supporting made in 15/0 seed beads with tubular peyote.

String seven beaded ‘pearls’ on an exciting new strap variation that I have just created. The strap is flexible and strong, complementing the elegant style of the beaded pearls. Swarovski 3mm bi-cones, 4mm glass pearls and Japanese seed beads create this delicate looking but strong stitch. You can wear the strap as a smart necklace on its own!



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