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Beads in Motion
Complex Connections with Simple Stitches

Collaboration by Nancy Cain & Met Innmon

2006 Bead Dreams competition finalist and workshop at Bead & Button Show, June 2007.

This is not a current teaching piece.

Photo - Copyright 2006 Dave Wolverton

This wearable necklace incorporates common supplies in innovative ways to create a simple yet complex design.  The main feature of the necklace is a functioning gyroscope.

Made with sculptural peyote stitch, this gyroscope has two separate rings that surround the encased 18mm vintage Swarovski square crystal.  The rings and crystal rotate in either direction, creating a flat or 3-dimensional view of the crystal and the gyroscope.  The gyroscope gently sways as it hangs from a T-bar toggle attaching it to the strap, in a unique use of the toggle.

Photo - Copyright 2006 Dave Wolverton

Ndebele strap sections have a ball and joint connection that enables bonbons and flower pinwheels, two of each, to rotate.  The bonbons and pinwheels each encase 14mm vintage Swarovski rivolis back to back creating double-sided crystal accents.  The pinwheels rotate in their loops with a gentle turn.

The clasp is not obviously a clasp.  Made with a flower pinwheel and wired rings of smaller crystals, it echoes the circular shape of the gyroscope and repeats the pinwheel motif of the straps.

Photos -- Dave Wolverton


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