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Nancy Cain

Nancy Cain
Bead Artist and Instructor

The endless array of beads and the infinite way of combining куда пойти в тбилиси them are what most excite me. Beads have an incredible history from (but not limited to) the sacred, the healing, the price to insure an afterlife, as currency, as well as simple to elaborate adornment. Beads have been used by nearly every culture since the arrival of modern man and are an inherent part of our heritage.

The process of working with something as simple and basic as tiny glass beads has for me, evolved from simple hobby in 1991 to making wearable works of art. I have always considered myself a ‘hands on’ artist and worked for 13 years as a graphic artist. In 1993, I left the graphics industry to raise my two children. While at home, my interest in beads grew and started teaching a beginning peyote class two evenings a month in 1995 for ‘bead money.’ I simply love developing new pieces for teaching and for my own artistic expression.

I am still a full time mom, working with the beads in my home studio while the kids are in school. I limit the number of teaching jobs to about 5 or 6 throughout the year. My family has always been my first priority, but beads keep me sane. It’s a Zen thing for me, a refuge of possibilities!


I love teaching beadwork and have developed many wonderful friends around the world. I have been on the ’circuit’ throughout the U.S. and Alaska since 2003 and had taught locally since 1994. International teaching is truly a delightful, exciting and wonderful opportunity. I feel extremely blessed and humbled to be a part of the adventure! I would certainly be remiss in not mentioning the great fun at what I call 'Bead Summer Camp'… The Bead&Button Shows in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. If you have an opportunity to attend a bead convention, you will be in bead heaven! Also check out Interweave’s Bead Fest in Santa Fe, New Mexico, in their brand new permanent location!

In October 2007, I taught at the KOBE Bead Art Show in Kobe, Japan. The beginning of new direction in beading was inspired by this trip! I had the great honor of touring Miyuki Bead Factory with Mr. Katsuoka, Sonoko, Stephanie Eddy and Masako Kato. Plus… shopping in their store! Not to mention a wonderful tour of beautiful Kyoto and one of 17 World Heritage sites, Kinkakuji, the Golden Pavilion Temple.

In July 2008, I was the instructor on a cruise through the historically rich Baltic Sea. Traveling such ports as Tallinn, Estonia; St. Petersburg, Russia; Helsinki, Finland; Copenhagen, Denmark; Germany; and beautiful Sweden. 

I feel very fortunate. The joy of beading and sharing has been and continues to be one of my greatest adventures! My family, of course being my #1 greatest adventure, continues to support and encourage my passion. To them I am eternally grateful.


October 2005 - Your Work - Bead Dreams finalist - Bead&Button Magazine
October 2006 - Your Work - Bead Dreams finalist - Bead&Button Magazine
August 2007 -  Promotional ad for 2008 Bead&Button Show - Bead&Button Magazine
February/March 2008 - Crystal Drop project - Beadwork Magazine
August/September 2009 - Pearl Romance Necklace project with Master Class article - cover photo - Beadwork Magazine 


June 2005 - Bead Dreams Competition at The Bead&Button Show, Milwaukee, WI (seed bead work finalist-Dragonfly B.C.)
June 2006 - Bead Dreams Competition at The Bead&Button Show, Milwaukee, WI (seed bead work  finalist- Beads in Motion ©2006, a collaboration with Met Innmon.
March-April 2007 - Hakone Open-Air Museum, Hakone, Japan; Daimaru Department Store, Shinsaibashi, Osaka; and the Matsuzakaya Department Store, Ginza Tokyo - Beads in Motion  ©2006 - Collaboration with Met Innmon
March-April 2008 - Japan. ZEN Exhibition at Tokyo Art Metropolitan Museum - Dragonfly B.C.

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