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Baltic Egg

Baltic Gems
Jewelry Box Egg
2008 Nancy Cain

Create an elegant three-dimensional hinged gem box, inspired by the Russian onion dome cathedrals and the Renaissance Style Faberge' Easter Egg.

[Double-clicking on the image will show the Baltic Gems Bracelet inside the egg for perspective. The Egg Kit does not contain the bracelet. A single click will return the original image.]

Size: Approx. 2 1/2" high x 2" wide

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Pearl Romance

Pearl Romance
2009 Nancy Cain

String together two styles of sculptural peyote-stitched spacers with crystal pearls for a necklace full of sparkle. To create pure magic, finish it off with an intricately stitched teardrop-shaped clasp.
As seen in Beadwork Magazine - Aug/Sept 2009 issue

Choose from three colors of 12mm Swarovski crystal pearls:
Bronze, Purple, or Tahitian blue.

Necklace size: Approx. 20"
(Kit contains additional materials to make up to a 26" necklace.)

Click here for color and purchasing information

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